Monday, November 21, 2011


I arrived on time in Barcelona having for some reason having to stop in Zurich to change planes. I took a taxi to the hotel (Miramar). Wow.  What a nice place.  It is in the middle of a set of botanical gardens, up the side of a mountain overlooking the city.  Prime position.  I checked in and went to my room.  They told me that even though I have a view of the city, I do not have a balcony, but I do have a skylight.  It's raining anyway so I was not too upset.

The room is great. Here are some pictures.  I figured since I can't seem to find my team, it seems most of them are only getting in tonight and tomorrow morning, I would take the time to post some pictures to share.
Check out the bath in the middle of the room.  Behind the bath are frosted glass doors housing the toilet and shower.  The basins are on the left.

This is the view from the bath side.  A nice desk and a little window, there is a bigger window on the left. The skylight is above the sofa.
This is the view from one window.
This is the view from the other.  Not bad hey.
Seeing as I had a few hours, I decided to take a walk down into the city.  This is the view just outside the hotel looking at downtown.

This is what the hotel looks like from below.  It is one hell of a climb back up I can tell you.  Took me a half hour to catch my breath when I got back up.

The statue of Christopher Columbus at the beginning of the downtown main drag.
I was fascinated  by this tower standing in the middle of the harbor and could not understand what it was for.  Then I saw that right next to our hotel is the cable car station. 
The view from my room this evening.

All in all not a terrible place.

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