Sunday, November 13, 2011

Our Reality

This new bill, limiting foreign funding of Israeli non-profits, passed by the Knesset's Committee on Legislation has got me worried. I wonder at what stage you have really stop calling yourself a democracy and face the fact that a certain portion (the majority) of this country is certain of what is right and what is more has god on its side, and really the rest of us are just here to pay taxes. The ever dwindling "left" will continue to protest the price of cottage cheese, the price of democracy is something none of us are prepared to pay.  We will watch as first the NGOs are eradicated and then the Supreme Court will be handcuffed, next settlers will take over the army, and Rabbis will decided how we spend our weekends, and housing will favor the religious, there will be segregation on buses and there will be no B'Tselem to interfere when Palestinians are "justifiably" beaten at roadblocks and we will be able to paint "Tag Mechir" graffiti where ever we want, especially on Peace Now activists.

And then Iran won't have to bomb us, as we will be them.

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Jozie said...

That's a bit harsh. You in a bad mood?