Tuesday, August 28, 2012


It's been 10 days since my last post. I'm bad. I have decided that I quite like the whole bullet form of blogging and so have been collecting random ideas (over the last 10 minutes or so, the 10 day hiatus was just sheer laziness).

  • The Moshiach (sic) it seems is in Tel Aviv (where did he find parking? is what I want to know). His advert has been flashing on the Jerusalem Post front page for the last day or so. I hope he found a place to sit seeing as all the coffee shops are overflowing with French tourists.
  • It seems that Roxy comes from a long line of Border Collies that run away from home. Although 800 miles is a bit more than running across Raanana.
  • This summer heat has been never ending. Bwo wants us to move to a cooler place for the summer in the future. I'm open to offers.
  • Bso (otherwise known as "the boy") has been at summer school. It's like two hours a week. This tires him out so much that he needs the next six days to relax and to take it easy to recover his strength. Of course, cleaning the cat boxes and taking out the garbage is way hard work.
  • The cats of Rehov HaNevel have accepted Roxy. They complain that she is all bark and no bite. Jeffery does chase her half heartedly around the garden when she gets too loud. Syd and Nancy have given up and just ignore her completely. Her sheep herding instincts are being severely challenged and she is questioning her roots.
  • Bwo has spent more on doggy toys, bones and sprays than on food for the human occupants of the home.
  • The daughter tires of the army. She complains that the officers in her new course ("bomb disposal for dedicated shoppers") don't have enough of something called "distaance" (said with an almost French drawing out of the aa sound). This will not do. These new recruits in her course are just not taking it all seriously enough. I don't know how she has noticed any of this seeing as she is home more than when she was in high school.
  • Bwo has given up smoking and is convinced that the world is a sad, miserable, dark and depressing place that allows no pleasure whatsoever. And it's all my fault.
  • I have walked hundreds of miles all over Raanana with my dog. I am channeling Cesar Millan and have perfected my short, sharp, attention getting hiss. I am still working on my masterful finger point. "Calm assertive", though appears a distant wish.
  • Of course, as always, I have gone binary and have read and watched everything I can find on dogs and dog rearing. It seems the real expert secret to a happy dog is to get a dog that matches the family's "energy". So, of course, we had to get the most energetic and active dog out there. We needed the lazy couch-potato canine, a sloth-like dogs that likes to sleep and rest, instead we got a bouncy, jumpy, happy dog with a short attention span. Only her ADD finds the perfect matches in our family. At least she only barks at the cats (so far).
  • On an unrelated note, I have been struggling on my "no carbs whatsoever" diet. I have been cheating quite regularly. I have also been craving a falafel for at least a month. Yesterday, bwo, bso and I journeyed all the way to "Falafel Haim" in Herzliya, and yes, it's still as good as ever (Stevie). Probably the only reason to stay in Israel.
  • After all the reading about dogs, I realized, sadly, that it's probably too late for me to put in the seven years and become a vet (an archaeologist, high tech, vet is a little extreme). So I did the next best thing and started listening to James Herriot's books. I have read these at least five times each, but the audiobooks take it to another level. They are read by Christopher Timothy and he does all the Yorkshire accents. Absolutely one of the best quality listens I have ever had. Definitely recommended.
That's enough for now.  I will try be more consistent in my posting, it's just that life has been rather routine lately. Up early in the morning after a night peppered with threatening the dog and cats (or rather prodding bwo into doing it), then off to Yakum to the salt mines and then back home in the early evening to battle the heat. Then various phone calls and dog walking before once again tempting fate by trying to go to bed. Hmmm, I need to get some hobbies.


Jozie said...

Very very funny post BPO. You really make me laugh.

oliviao said...

You could come to Houston for the summer...