Wednesday, August 8, 2012


Roxy checking out Jeffrey, waiting for the attack.
Our Girl, cute, Isn't she?
Seeing as life here in Rehov HaNevel was not crazy enough, we added Roxy to the mix. During the short time since she joined our family, I have learned a few things about dogs. In no particular order:

  • Dogs are near as expensive as wives. They need a lot of accessories like dog cages, chew toys (this Kong Wubba thingy costs nearly as much as an iphone), shots, replacement Crocs and leashes to chew, special food, etc.
  • They chew everything. Crocs, leashes, irreplaceable pictures, onions, potatoes, chairs, tables (particularly like antiques), bones, sticks, hats, papers, paper bags, plastic bags, plastic cups, cords and cables.
  • Dogs prefer cat food and cats prefer dog food.
  • Border Collies think herding cats is a worthy profession. Cats on the other hand find this tiresome and irritating.
  • Many dog owners are kind, caring and friendly people, and their dogs tend to be kind, caring and friendly too. Some dog owners are miserable, sad people who won't even look at your puppy  and acknowledge your existence, their dogs are the same.
  • Roxy likes nothing better than to stomp in her water bowl and splash water all over the house. She thinks this is hilarious. I don't.
  • She has eaten through two leashes. She ate through the long leash so many times, that it's now only a few meters long (it started out at 15). Bwo went out and bought this industrial strength super lead. So far so good (we have had it less than 24 hours though).
  • She knows how to sit and lay down already although she is still as ADD as the rest of the people in this house, so getting her attention can be tough.
  • She loves the bone bwo brought her from the expensive French restaurant we went to the other night.  She dug a huge hole in the garden to bury it this morning. Then dug it up again a few minutes later and now is laying under the table gazing at it lovingly.
  • The cats aren't sure what to do with her yet. Syd just pretends Roxy does not exist and continues to nap on the bed next to the love of his life (bwo). Nancy keeps watch. She never lets Roxy out of her sight when she is in the house. She is either taking notes to figure out the best time for a surprise attack, or evaluating Roxy as a potential recruit to her band of Ninja assassins. We shall see in due course. Jeffrey enjoys nothing more than chasing Roxy around the garden. Roxy is still not sure if this is a game or if she should run for her life.
  • Azziza hates the dog, which caused me to wonder why we never got one sooner.
  • There is more written on dogs, dog rearing, and/or Border Collies than about babies on the internet. There is no end of dog advice out there. Everyone who has ever owned a dog (or saw one in a movie or on TV) knows just what you need to do to make your dog perfect. None of these people have any problem telling you. That could just be Israel though.
  • The Saki-Kaki's (little black dog poop bags) dispensers that are strategically situated around Raanana really work and there is much less dog poop around than in Paris.
Clearly, this is just the beginning. Still, we love her completely. She just has to look at you with those sad eyes and you can do nothing but melt.  I am sure she will provide many blogs in the future.

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oliviao said...

Ok, so I have to know if your theory about women being like cats and dogs like men is panning out??