Sunday, August 19, 2012

Party Money

Our girl (bdo or blackdaughtero) is certainly enterprising. She has managed to get paid for doing what she does best - partying. It seems that due to the fact that she is "someone to know"  she is paid a commission on the number of her "list" she brings to certain parties. One may ask how does all this fit in with her supposed enlistment in the army. Well, she seems have that quite well organized. She has been home more over the last few weeks since she moved to a base near Eilat, than when she was stationed down the road at Baad 12. The way this party thing works (I believe, no one over the age of 25 can fully understand the true workings and economy of Israeli youth) is that she has a list of Facebook friends that she "encourages" to party with her. She receives a commission her list peeps that attend said party. I assume there is some door fee involved that finances the operation, but I am not strictly sure. Getting clear and concise information from bdo before 5pm is very difficult and even after she arises things are not crystal clear.

It does look like the fun and games may be over for a while as she is starting her "explosives" course this coming Tuesday and she vehemently claims that this is the start of her "real army". So, it's been nearly a year that she has been in the "fake army". I clearly just don't understand how this world works any more.

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