Saturday, June 18, 2011

RIP Big Man

Johnny really loved Springsteen. Lon and I put up with it.  At some point the record store got copies of the year end Old Grey Whistle Test must have been around 80, 81. We watched these so many times the video tape (VHS) must have stretched. There was this live Springsteen performance, I think it must have been from his English tour in the late 70s. It was brilliant. I remember him collapsing on stage at some point, crying "I can't go on, I can't go on" and just letting the audience's energy and Clarence's sax lift him. I was converted.

Big Man Clarence Clemons died today. He was the consummate side man. His sax wailed for my generation. He will be missed. I cannot find that original clip of Bruce in England on the OGWT, but I found this.  It is just excellent.


shoshanafromNYC said...

I haven't been so sad about losing a good ol' legend in some time. When I was 18, I was on the subway going up to high school and he was sitting across from me, clear as day - looking large and cool.....I'll never forget the thrill of whispering to my friend (and for the life of my I can not remember who I was with), "THAT'S CLARENCE!" - been listening to 10th Ave Freeze Out and Rosalita constantly for the past two days. Thanks for posting about him! S x

blackpetero said...

First Pavaroti grabbed your ass, now Clarence on the subway. I tell you Shoshana, you are a regular celebrity magnet. We miss you.

shoshanafromNYC said...

Yep - I am the veritable draw to all things famous - it JUST might have something to do with living in NYC. Bruce used to go to a shrink in my parent's apartment building (for all I know he still does) - so used to see him at the gym (Lilliputian that he is) - but somehow seeing Clarence (and being grabbed by Luciano) was far more exciting. Wait till I tell you about my Jorge Clooney encounter!! :)

Miss you too - loads!