Monday, June 20, 2011


We miss the kitten.  By all reports she is doing great at bsister-in-lawo's, still we miss her. She lived in the bedroom with us for more than a month.  She was perfectly cute and lovable. Now that she's bigger, her constant attacking on feet got a little old and her boisterousness before bedtime got quite annoying, still she just stole our hearts. Fearless is what best describes her. Even though she is tiny, she had no problem walking up to the giant (fat) Syd and demanding he play with her. No matter how much he hissed and batted at her, she would never give up. She wanted to play. I am sure she will just thrive on the little kid's attention.

We now have three more kittens living in the shed out front. This in addition to the four siblings of our cutie out back. So it is pretty much kitten heaven out there. I think the pet shop (zoo-erez-zoo) plant these furry bundles here. They are making a killing.

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