Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Rabbitt Rules - OK!

It's been a week, I know. The wife got back yesterday chock full of stories of Africa. So I found this on the YouTubes. When I was growing up, Rabbitt was everything that was wrong with the world. It was why the cool chicks would never go out with us and why Paul and I spent Saturday nights either in the darkroom or walking the streets of PE.  1976 - I was 16. Check this out (if you can stomach it).

p.s. I will try get back into blogging. No promises though.


simcha62 said...

This is classic stuff Pete. If you listen to a Croak & A Grunt you can actually hear how progressive these bouys were and it made total sense that Rabin turned up in Yes.

blackpetero said...

The thing that got me is the words. I think somewhere in the song Charlie, the is the line "I buzz each night on you". What does that mean? I always thought he was singing about this wonderful girl called Charlie. So I looked up the lyrics when I posted the video, only to find he was singing about his dog - I like that a lot more.

I have no complaints about their musical ability. Trevor Rabin is a master, there is no doubt. The words were pretty pitiful though, and the whole super group, screaming girls, posters in bedrooms etc. etc. really bothered me in those days. I took myself way too seriously to give them any credit.