Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I read the news today oh boy!

Each morning I wake early, get dressed, pick up my backpack and motor off to work. Once there I make my double espresso and sit down in front of my screen, browse my email (which I have checked before I leave home to see if anything really important came in overnight), I then go through the newspapers. This may be a mistake. For example, I was confronted with the following, this morning:

Jerusalem rugby team denied funding from city hall because they play on Shabbat. This is not really surprising I suppose, but I love the questions the idiots that make these decision ask. I especially like the double standard when asked about Beitar Jerusalem's soccer team that plays on the Shabbat.

Then the even more distressing news is that young Israelis are moving more to the right. We are doing a great job of educating our young it seems.

Finally I read Yaron Lodon's editorial in Ynet titled "What will I tell my grandkids?". Lodon is one of the more intelligent people around here. He addresses a fact that I find I must resolve for myself almost daily - Israel is really not the only place for Jews today and often it seems like it's actually the last place Jews with a choice should live.

Maybe I should just take the next step and stick my head in the sand and stop reading the papers, just like I stopped listening to radio and watching television. 

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