Monday, March 7, 2011

A Parking Lot

Last night I had a meeting in Tel Aviv far down Ibn Gvirol street. I was advised by Carmit (who knows these things) to park in the new parking lot under Hechal HaTarbut (Mann Auditorium, Bimah Theater). Wow. It is one of those spiffy space age parking lots that have floors that are so clean and coated that the tires squeal like running shoes on the squeaky clean floors at work.  They have lights over each parking spot that light up red if occupied and green if clear.  This way you can glace down a row and see if there is a parking spot available.  The entrance has back-lighted pillars that sparkle and glitter in a most pleasant and relaxing way.  A very slick, clean and functional place, that is worth visiting now while it's new and not yet sticky. It definitely deserves the full 80%.

Of course, the elevators were not working, and there was no sign or explanation covering this issue.  I met an old lady who had been waiting for the elevators for a while (she may have been in her teens when she drove in). I helped her walk up the three flights of stairs to the very nice courtyard in front of the theaters. The elevators were blocked off on the ground floor with yellow police tape.

The evening's parking cost 24NIS.  I could have parked for 14NIS in a grubby lot a block closer to my meeting on Marmarek, but then I would have missed out on this Rolls Royce of a parking lot.  It's definitely worth a visit.

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Jozie said...

why oh why did you not post a photo. It would be wayyy more interesting than stones and gravel.