Monday, April 3, 2017

The Great Wall of El Dorado Hills

I know the pictures are a little unimpressive, but they are bigly for me. This is the wall we build in my garage. Greg and Dave came up from the Bay Area and Gilroy to work and to teach. They showed me how to frame, how to wire in 2 gang boxes, how to hang drywall and how to mud and tape. I learned so much, mainly because I was so incompetent that I need to do things a number of times. The wall divides off one of the bays of the garage into my wood shop. My tools will be arriving soon (the boat with our 40ft container docked in Oakland yesterday) and the shop will be ready to receive them.

The biggest pain was the electrical sub panel as we initially installed it upside down and Kevin the electrician wired it into the main panel without noticing. He used 4 gauge wire and man, trying to bend the stuff in order to invert the box was pretty much hell. But I managed to get it in and wired up. I screwed the face plates on the sockets this evening and threw the switch to test it all and everything is working. 6 double 110V and 2 240V sockets all working to spec.

So now all I need are my tools and I will once again be in the guitar making business. I am really looking forward to this. I have to thank my mentors Greg and Dave without who I would have never been able accomplish anything.

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