Friday, April 7, 2017

A Container

Next Thursday our 40ft container will arrive in El Dorado Hills for our pleasure and enjoyment. Both bwo and I are terrified. Since we arrive here six months back bwo has done an awesome job of making a home for us here on Bonita Dr. We have pretty much everything that two people need (except for a lot of woodworking tools, of course). Now next week another whole house is arriving. While we do have a lot of space in the house, I don't think we have enough to comfortably absorb what is coming.

I tracked the ship all the way out of Haifa. The Zim Quigdao sailed to Livorno Italy, then to Tarragona Spain, then from Valencia Spain it set out over the ocean to Halifax Canada. From there it stopped in Newark New Jersey and Charleston, South Carolina before heading back to Valencia Spain. This was very disturbing, I imagined our stuff traveling back across the Atlantic, never to get to Oakland where it was scheduled on March 30. So I contacted the shippers only to find out that our container had transferred to the Manilla Express at her first stop in Livorno. So the ship docked last week and we get our stuff next week.

I will update with pictures as the story develops.

 The above picture is our container #76 where much of our lives was stored in petach Tikva while we relaxed for 5 years in the UK.

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