Monday, January 12, 2015

There and Back Again

Some of the Houston family with Mom

Once again I'm on the road (in the air actually). Thankfully Bwo travels the long flights with me this time. We stopped off in Houston to visit with the family for a few days. My mom's light shines less bright. She is very confused and can't remember much. She is currently convinced that she was moved onto this place from the "other" place. "They" even set her furniture up in the same way and put her name on the door. She was amazed. Her body is healthy but her mind is steadily slipping away. It's sad. She was always so on top of her game, but now just looks on with a confused, questioning look. Looking as if someone just spoke to her in Basque. We are moving her to an assisted living home from her independent care place she has been in for the last seven years as they don't seem to be able to give her the care she needs. That is definitely going to confuse her even more. My sister and brother are wonderful. They patiently help her detangle the web of confusion she lives with. As sisteraria said "we are not a family of patient people" so this is surely a test. They pass with flying colors.

I'm now on the flight heading to Sacramento for two solid weeks of work. On the way to the airport we drove through rain as is only seen in Houston. But, as always, it passed quickly. Bwo will join me later this week, so I have that going for me, which is good. I'm tired of this travel. The guy in the row in front of me is picking his nose digging for diamonds and the guy in the window seat is sniffing and snorking constantly, I just hope he does not have Ebola (should I offer him a tissue? He is like 6ft 10 and may not take kindly to meddling). I feel sort of two dimensional and a glassy, like I'm fading away. I miss my kids, my wife, my dog, my home, my family and my mom. Jesus, stop feeling so sorry for yourself!


brianisra said...

"I miss my kids, my wife, my dog, my home, my family and my mom." Don't you miss your friends, bitch? :-)
When you coming to play in the Holy land again?

Peter Ostrin said...

It's true I miss you guys every minute of every day :-) I'll be back some time in Feb.