Friday, June 20, 2014

First Week at Megiddo 2014

It's pretty outrageous that I have not posted since March. Just have not felt the need at all. We are happy in our life in Richmond. Roxy is a constant joy. Work has been challenging but fulfilling. The kids are alright. Then exactly a week ago we arrived in Israel for a four week stint digging at Megiddo. Right now, I am sitting at home in Raanana on the weekend and I am sore. Every muscle aches, I am battered and bruised. After three long showers, I still feel sandy. Even though I was thorough in my application of sunblock, the skin at my hairline is rather tender. My fingers feel like they have been loaned to me by someone who scaled Everest without gloves. But, you know what, I am perfectly happy.

I was needed this week and that's really all that matters. There were times I ran around like a headless chicken, but I managed to get a huge amount done. Not only on the Tell, where I am supervising (what I think is) the best square in Area K, but also in the Tech Office. It seems that somehow with age, comes a completely undeserved level of deference. People I have huge respect for seem to be looking to me to answer complex issues and then don't even question. It's very good for the ego. At work, the decision process is long and convoluted, but seeing as we only have seven weeks to dig at Tel Megiddo, decisions must be made quickly and implemented immediately. It's such a refreshing change.

Bwo is with me at the dig this time. It has been wonderful to be together. Not only does it mean I have a (mostly) sympathetic roommate, but I think she now understands just how intense all this is for me. She drew some sections up on the Tel (recording the surface of walls in the area), and did a great job, despite being sure that what she did was hopeless. It is extremely hot on the Tel and the walk up and down is killer and she has been suffering. I think I managed to convince her to spend until breakfast with us and then go back to Givat Haviva (where we are staying in a sort of field school with decent AC). Oh, yes, we wake up a 3:45am to leave the room at 4:30 to arrive at the Tel at 5am to start work. Breakfast is at 8:30. Back to GH for lunch at 1pm then I am busy with all the post dig procedures.

That's a picture of what remains of the wall I removed on Wednesday and Thursday. Very interesting (for me at least). Even with the daily headaches from the bright sun and the aching body, I am having the time of my life. 

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arnieo said...

Welcome back to the blog - we all miss you. Enjoy your time at the Tel