Thursday, February 20, 2014


It's been a strange time here in wet Surrey. Squint central got flooded and we needed to move to a location further west near Reading. Lots of stress and pressure, but the squints are up and running in record time. This place is a little dismal. No windows which makes me sad.

In the central area of this building they have a TV that seems to be on constantly. I hate this. I have a irrational hatred of TV playing while no one is watching. It is constantly set to the Winter Olympics, which here in the UK means constant curling. I never thought anyone cared about curling, but I was wrong. The UK men's and women's (number one in the world) teams are both in medal contention. What a sport. The constant drone about stones and sweepers has become too much even for famed British wildlife commentator David Attenborough who made this tongue in cheek video (He lives in Richmond by the way).

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