Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Richmond TW10

When bwo first walked into the house on Petersham road, she just knew this is where we needed to live while in the UK. I must say, that as much shit as I give the "trouble and strife", one thing I know is to trust her judgement when it comes to living spaces. I could be happy in a cardboard box as long as it had internet and an espresso machine. I must admit that here I was sceptical. The floor is wood and very creaky, and the wallpaper is not what I would choose. It seemed a little far from the centre of town. But she loved the house and we therefore we held out that extra month to get it. She was completely spot on. We love our place on Petersham Road, close to the river, near the Ham lands, our lane, the Polo club, our copse, the 65 bus stop, next door to the Lovely Lynn. Then there's Richmond itself.

Excellent place is Richmond. It's David Attenborough's favourite place on earth, and he's seen a lot (thanks for pointing this out Selina). There are good restaurants (excellent Chinese delivery from the Good Earth Express Takeaway, and the little Italian pizza place in the alley near the Quadrant), fine pubs (I like the New Inn down the road, and the Cricketers on Richmond Green), a great park. Mostly, I like driving over Richmond bridge in the evening after work, then down along the Thames to Petersham Road, knowing that soon I will be home and my girls will be happy to see me. Then a walk down to the field near the Ham Lands to watch Roxy girl dart around, her tail straight up in glee. I like that the station, not too far on the 65 bus, has both Southwest Trains and the London Underground (last stop on the District Line). I like that there are guys decked out in the whitest whites playing cricket on Ham common every Sunday.

Sometimes in the early mornings when I am out walking the girly and it's just her and me and the sounds of the birds on the copse. The trees and damp leaves have that earthy smell just like walking through the golf course near where I grew up in Mill Park. And all around is green, green, green. I still can't believe how lucky I am to be here at this time.

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