Sunday, September 15, 2013


I've fasted on Yom Kippur since I was 11. I'm not religious at all, in fact, I don't really believe in god at all. But I believe in traditions and so there are some things I still do because they are things we have done for generations. This year's fasting was different, bwo and I are alone here in London. I don't think I deal with a single Jewish person in my daily life here in the UK. So I worked a normal day Friday, got home in time to start the fast. I took the Rox for a walk and when I got back home bwo was asleep. So I started my fast on soup and a cheese sandwich.

Saturday dawned nice and rainy. I then found out we were due to meet an old friend (Johnny) in London. So onto the tube I dragged my hungry body, salivated at the "Great Cake and Bake" event going on at the Earl's Court Exhibition Centre which we had to walk past because the district line to the Edgeware Road was closed for repairs, then suffered through a 40 minute 74 bus ride to Marble Arch before we met them at Primark on Oxford street (paying for my sins on Yom Kippur, I was). The then had "tea". Nothing passed my lips. It was good to see old Johnny though.

I got home and spent a few hours in front of Netflix watching rubbish. Bwo then made it all worthwhile with veggie chopped liver, cinnamon rolls and excellent lasagne. I broke my fast on a double Nespresso - fantastic. All in all not a bad Yom Kippur. I missed the family and the quiet of Israel on this day with no cars, planes or TV. I missed the sounds of the kids on bikes and the howl of the odd ambulance going down Ahuza. Still the weather for fasting here in the UK cannot be beaten.

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arnieo said...

Good to see you posting again - keep it up