Tuesday, December 11, 2012

View From My Window

This is the view from my office window in Squint Central UK.  It's hard to tell but it's like zero degrees out there (yes that's frost on the grass). For the first time in my life I had to use my hotel room key card to scrape the thick layer of ice off my windscreen. Still, I managed to get back to the office even though the GPS voice stopped working half way through the journey in protest of the cold.

I have a lovely office with windows on two sides looking out on the trees opposite. It has speakers and a heater and I get to watch the A380s make their final approach into Heathrow, so life could be worse.


Bob A. said...

I have not visited in a long time. I am impressed you are keeping this blog moving along.

oliviao said...

Hmm - scraping ice of the windshield gets old pretty quickly! Still the view is wonderful!

Marc said...

You're so lucky to have an office with a view like that and especially being able to watch aircraft on final (you know how much I love planes).

I love reading your experiences of winter. It reminds me of my first years in Switzerland (after Australia). I still hold vivid memories of walking to the office through snow covered fields with snow flakes gently falling around me or through a blizzard. And later, when I lived in Geneva, walking to work along the banks of Lake Geneva with the howling Bise blowing up huge waves that would crash into the break-water and freeze into icicles. And arriving home to a cozy warm centrally-heated apartment. Ah, I miss it.

So many people ask me how I could stand the cold. I reply: first I always put on warm clothes and second, the thing about winter is that it puts you right into nature because it is one of those forces that you can't avoid, no matter how absorbed you are in your professional and personal life. And the feeling of nature is amazing. Enjoy the winter :-)