Monday, December 3, 2012

The Dan Lounge

Here I am sitting in the Dan Lounge again.  A lot has happened since those blissful first days at St. Davids. Looks like we will be spending some time (at least a year) in the UK, London to be exact. All work stuff, not all bad.  I am sure you will hear a lot more about this over the months to come.  But until we can get the relocation organized, I will be on the move and spending more time here in my favorite place (not): The Dan Lounge at BG airport.  The food is not too bad, and I was hungry when I got here because...well because of Azizza.

A half hour or so before the taxi was due to arrive, Azizza, who had spent the morning cleaning and cursing the dog, started to pack up to leave. Bwo was off visiting some Goldsmiths and thus I was left alone to deal with Azizza. So she starts muttering to herself that it's definitely time to leave, and then comes to me more flustered than usual. "Oxy stole my dress" she announces (she calls the dog Oxy). "What" says I.  "Oxy took my red dress, I was wearing it when I arrived, now it's gone". What's one to do? So I start looking all over, no dress.  She swears she came in in her red dress, changed into her "cleaning clothes" as ever in the bathroom and then put the dress down by the door and now it's gone. I look high and low, and all the while, Azizza is muttering convinced the dog skit her dress and hid it.  It was no where to be seen. I have no idea what happened to it - gone.  Eventually she had to leave to catch her bus, sans red dress. By now my taxi was waiting and so no lunch for bpo.  Luckily the Dan Lounge has some decent whole wheat bread and humus, so can't complain.

Where is that dress?  Perhaps she came without it?

Of course, this did not post from BG airport, there was a problem with the internet (who said 80%). So I'm posting it from my lovely (feather-free) room at the Heathrow Marriott.

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