Sunday, November 4, 2012

19 years

It's blackdaughtero's birthday today. She's not home but rather messing with explosives somewhere in the Southern Desert. I miss her. I looked back over the last few years of birthday messages (20112010, 2009, 2008) and it's always the same basic advice. This year though I have something to add.

I'm proud of you girly bird. I'm proud of the way you march to your own drummer (and bass). I'm proud you seem like a good friend. I'm proud of your special connection with your brother, of your taste in music and your sense of humor. I'm proud of your ridiculous stubbornness and your determination and that you let nothing stand in the way of your goals. I'm proud you usually tell the truth even when it is hard. I'm proud you love humus and walking outside. I'm proud that you seem to like your parents. I'm proud you can hold your head high and laugh at yourself.

Even though taking advice is not one of your strengths, you seem to have to learn by experience, here is the same two messages I have given you year after year: One, All boys are fools. Two, watch carefully what they do and ignore what they say.

Have the very best year evvvvver.

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