Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saki Kaki

People you have to bear with us. Our lives revolve around our Roxy at the moment. She was spayed on Sunday, and came home all quite and hurting. She is much better today, but we have a bit of a crisis in the neighborhood. We have been out of Saki Kakis for a while. These are the little doggie doo pickup bags that are posted all around the area. Someone must have come a while back and swiped a bunch (probably those miserable Kfar Saba dog owners) because one day there were plenty and then there were none.

Early this morning out walking the R girl (brxo, bro just sounds too familiar  we met a young kid sadly looking at a large steaming pile of shit left by his dog. "There are no saki kakis", he sighed. I was so impressed by his civic-mindedness that I immediately whipped out one of my spare bags and presented it to him ("be prepared" is my motto). I then promptly called 107 the Raanana Moked (emergency services) and asked why we have no Saki Kakis and could they arrange to replenish the dispensers. I am pleased to say that this evening, when out walking brxo I noticed all the Saki Kaki dispensers were once again full to bursting (see attached figure). Life is good again.

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