Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Producers vs. Consumers

I have been thinking about this a lot lately. My brother says there are two types of people "Hunters and Gatherers", but I have come to believe the two categories are more like "Producers and Consumers". I have always strived for Production, and recently realized the reason I'm so down is that I have been languishing in far too much Consumption (excuse the use of Capitals, it seemed right). Once I used to make model airplanes, I made furniture, guitars, wrote code, wrote papers, cut salad even wrote a blog post from time to time. Lately I have just been watching the Dog Whisperer and reading any kind of crap I can find, and it's getting me down, I can tell you. We have had all this delicious vacation and all I have to show for it is 10000 steps a day with the dog and an ever growing "Read" folder on my Kindle.

Well it has got to change. I started building a "Cat Hotel" (what is it with the Caps and "Quotes" today) to house the tens of strays that live outside in the cold, which perhaps will arrive eventually.  It's basically a renovated sideboardy thing that I am weatherproofing, but it's a project none the less. I am already feeling better, I will keep you posted.

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arnieo said...

Buyers & sellers turned into hunters & gatherers, but I think consumers & producers (suppliers) works just fine - just keep producing, selling or doing what ever works for you.