Sunday, February 20, 2011

How to open a packet of Bamba

So the squints have decided that they need Bamba for dessert after lunch each day.  Did you know there is a correct way to open a packet of Bamba.  Look and learn:
 For some reason, today's bamba were cold. At squint central we strive for at least 81.5%.


יובל דרורי said...

It is all about sharing!

Jozie said...

I have to say that those Bamba look like fat, cold slugs. Not very appealing at all. Can't you guys find something yummier to eat for dessert?

blackpetero said...

Listen woman, some things are sacred. Keep your cynicism off our yummy peanut flavoured snacks. M'kay.

Dr,Evil said...

I'm very sorry, but this is not the right way to open Bamba.
If you look at the up right corner of the Bamba wrap you'll see 'Open Here' tag.