Thursday, February 3, 2011


We took the squints (what's left of them) to the HerzLilienblum Museum on the corner of Herzl and Lilienblum streets in Tel Aviv yesterday. We began with an excellent breakfast at Benedick - most recommended. Their fresh bread was particularly good and who needs more than that.

All the way through the museum tour I felt uneasy. The HerzLilienblum museum was built by Bank Discount and it's one of those newer "living" museums and it attempts to show you (rather trivially) how finances work. There is also a bit of the history of Tel Aviv thrown in. The house (Beit Shiff) has been a landmark on that corner since it was built early in the 20th century. It has been renovated. I realized this is what was bothering me. The only place the true remains of the original house are visible are the narrow, steep stairs. They are quite charming. The rest of the house has been renovated in sort of modern style pretending that they care about the original. I wish they would have rather invested the bank's money in restoration rather than renovation. It just seems too messy - old infrastructure (arches over the windows etc.) with shiny clean walls and modern high tech appendages (flat screens etc all over the place). The museum is free. How else would they get you to listen to an hour and a half of banking propaganda.

Still it was a nice (if a little cold) morning in Tel Aviv. Its the sort of place one should take their kids (as long as they're under 10), they would appreciate the hands-on approach.

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