Sunday, August 14, 2016

Off to FM, CA

I realized while cleaning and organizing here in Richmond Upon that I have been ignoring the blog. It has been a while, actually since the start of Megiddo, since I have written anything. Much has changed and more will change. In a nutshell, our last day in the UK will be September 30th. The current plan says we will stop off in Israel to pack up some more before taking the blackostrino international life tour off to Folsom California. That's Folsom to the right and up a bit from Sacramento.

Folsom is the world center of my part of the squint empire. The job I am going out to do is different from anything I have ever done before ans so is quite exciting. Of course, bwo and I checked the place out when we visit a few weeks back, and she does not hate it. It's exciting and time for a change.

I will miss this country, this house and this area very much. We would stay if we could. But, the job calls and a change is as good as a holiday. no?

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