Friday, February 27, 2015

Goodbye Gold Lounge

This is the last time I will be visiting the "Gold Lounge" in Heathrow Terminal 5. My BA gold status expires on the 28th of Feb even though I traveled more last year than ever before. BA are the stingiest when it comes to giving "tier points" towards frequent flier status. The squint corporate only buys the cheapest tickets, and so I earn very few points each flight. After a busy year with at least one return trip to the UK each month, I only managed 900 or so points, and I need 1500 for gold. So Silver it will have to be for me. The only real perk gold status on BA provides is the access to the "first class" lounge. It has decent food and comfy chairs. The Silver lounge is not bad, just much busier. It could be worse I suppose, but sitting here, the second time in a week, I'm just miserable with travel. All I really want is a few months at home, no flying, no airports, no cramped seats and plastic food. No more forced conversations with complete strangers (or recent divorcees crying on my shoulder), no more second rate movies on tiny screens. No more wondering what side of the rental car the fuel tank is.This weekend it's Houston then Sacramento (through LAX) and then back to London for three days and off to SA. At least that will be a holiday (I hope).

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