Monday, September 29, 2014

A Perfect UK Weekend

The weather was perfect for late September, this weekend. Not too hot, not too cold. On Saturday, after a long morning walk with R, I went down to the river to watch the end of the Great Rive Race. This is a 21.6 mile rowing race from the Docklands in London to Ham House, on the river near our house. Three hundred plus boats of all shapes and sizes took part. Very festive, indeed. Jenny bought me a beer and we got to watch all the crazies row in. Here are some pics (note these are from the Richmond Blog Page, as I was too lazy to take any pictures myself).

On Sunday, bwo, R and I went off to Wentworth Arboretum. They have a real autumn in this country, with changing leaves and busy squirrels. The drive there, through Surrey, is spectacular. If I did not have to commute into Egham for work, I would seriously consider living (or buying) somewhere like Godalming or Bramley or Cranleigh. But it's not to be, our ties to our homeland are still too strong. Anyway here is a picture of some of the autumn colors from Winkworth.
This is a pretty country.

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