Thursday, October 31, 2013


Credit where it due. Years and years ago I bought some very expensive Bose noise cancellation headphones. Actually, what happened was that NY Todd gave bwo his old pair, and I liked them so much that I bought a set for myself. They were not cheap ($299) but they worked excellently, especially on plane trips. I can't stress enough just how much having quiet on long plane flights make a difference. Well, bwo's original pair died (my family is incredibly hard on headphones, festerbestertest and her mother have gone through many dozens of pairs), so I kindly gave her my pair and bought a new pair for myself. I do travel a lot you know.

Well, bwo's pair broke. It was the plastic part that hold the two cups over the top of the head that eventually perished. The speakers still work fine, but are unusable without the plastic that keeps them against your ears. (Bwo blames me for breaking them, as the one time I tried to use them they fell apart in my hands, with some serious missing pieces). So I decided I will see if I can find some replacement parts from Bose.

I called Bose here in the UK. I got through to to a very nice Ionne (I think that's how its spelled). Explained the whole thing, she told me that Bose do not sell those parts individually, but they have a trade in policy and for £116 they will send me a brand new updated model. All she needed was the serial number. It turns out that this pair was manufactured in work week 26 of 2003 - more than ten years back. So they have paid their dues.

So I am awaiting the UPS stickers to return the broken set, so Bose can send me the new pair.

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