Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Raining Again

It's been a month. I have no excuses. We were in Israel, I dug at Jezreel. It was hot. We came back to the UK and it has been raining since we arrived. I'm not unhappy as I really suffered in the heat. While we were gone Roxy spent two weeks with some friends - two Great Danes  Merlin and Talon (see above). She seems to have had a wonderful time with them and Jenny's family, who so kindly looked after her while we were away. She has been moping around since we came home looking for something or someone to play with. I got soaked walking her to the river this morning, but she did not seem to mind in the least, happy to be out in the open.

I really suffered with the heat in Israel. For the first few days of the dig at Jezreel we did not have shades and I worked in the open with only shorts, a tee shirt, sun block and a black hat to protect me. I had a migraine every day no matter how much water I absorbed. I got my work done and managed to train Nate to take my place. I hope the dig goes well for the team, they are really good people.

Being home in Raanana for an extended stay was interesting. Our house does not really feel like our house that much. The boys staying there with Gilad are very nice and surprisingly organized, but still there is a different feeling, more like college dorm rooms than our little house on the prairie. Spending time with the kids is always great though. I am proud of both of them, they have grown  up well.

It was nice getting back to our uncluttered house in Richmond. It has a good feel to it. I do worry about bwo leaving her family and friends (and jumpers) behind. It is important for her to get out and be active. Even though it gets light here at 4:30am and dark at 9:30pm, the grey rainy skies  will get her down. She must keep busy.

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