Thursday, January 3, 2013

Happy 2013

A lot has happened since the last time I was sitting in this Dan Lounge. At least two trips to London and back. I got to spend 10 days at home for Xmas and New Year, I love these holidays. Here are a few of the goings on in the little house on the Raanana prairie:  Bwo has had the most terrible case of whooping cough. When she coughs it sounds like one of her lungs are going to pop out any minute. She has been suffering for months. My girl (the nachas machine) completed her "bombs and mines" course, and is now a fully fledged instructor, teaching reservists how to blow up things. The Roxy girl had her operation and has started to walk almost without a limp. During my absences she forgot any semblance of manners she once had, and now that I have got her walking normally and politely next to me, I am once again off. I managed 8 flights in a month and now a new year starts and we begin counting points all over again.

Our relocation to London is moving forward. We went to the UK consulate yesterday in order to get our work visas arranged.  There was an unnecessary, panicked run to the bank in Raanana to get a form from the manager (I had to write it because her English was so bad) in the middle of it all, but now the forms are hopefully on their way to Turkey for inspection.  I have a cute little temporary apartment that I am staying in in Egham.  It's 5 mins walk from the High Street where there is a Tesco and some restaurants. It was wonderful not to have to eat hotel food during the last trip. This time I will get Apartment 6 for a month so I can settle in.  It has two bedrooms (and two bathrooms).  Bwo is coming to visit in a week or so with Brian and Irit, so I am happy to say the visitors have started arriving.  This is a good thing about London - everyone is happy to visit.

So in general things are good, if a bit busy.  I never realized how tired all this travel made me until I spent the last week or so at home.  I slept 8 hours every night with no problem. Bwo and I were asleep at 9:30pm on New Year's Eve.  Its the first time in a many years that we did not have a party, but bwo is coughing and I am tired, perhaps we will do something before we leave (scheduled early February).   

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