Saturday, July 30, 2011


No one in the world has more bags than blackwifeo. As part of the "Great Cleanup of 2011" which seems to have began when the new bedroom suite moved in yesterday we have been going through the huge amount of crap that has collected in the walk-in cupboard. (I will say the new bed is very comfortable indeed). It has been very scary, bwo wants to move all my clothing to the other side, and therefore has dumped all her shelves onto the bed and is now trying to decide what needs to be chucked. You can't actually see the room's floor and the bed looks a bit like an archaeological Tel (complete with stratigraphical layers). I have sorted through my T shirts and shirts, I threw out about a third and found that at least half were things I had previously handed down to bso only to find they had homing tendencies and ended up back in my cupboard. But the bags, Oh the bags, there are so many bags. Handbags, carry bags, shopping bags, backpacks, fanny packs. All shapes and sizes. Bags inside bags, bags still bursting with stuff. It's all too much.

All in all a perfect way to spend a boiling hot Saturday. At least the A/C seems to be working.


Jozie said...

and... he's back. yay.

Jozie said...

I notice that you didn't post the picture I took of you, bpo, sitting on your comfy chair, watching star treck tng, while I sweated and toiled... hmpf,
bags indeed.

greta said...

talk about bags.I was searching in the storage cupboard in the apt here in Houston and came across a huge box crammed full of bwos bags and running shoes left here ages ago,circa 2006, and forgot about. Please tell me I can toss them!!

Nice to have you back bpo .xoxox

Jozie said...

Wait, bags and shoes??? really? How exciting. Send a pic Gigi.