Sunday, July 31, 2011

Go Pitch a Tent.

The traffic coming home today was most annoying, I think I'll pitch a protest tent. It's become a national sport in Israel this summer.  The whole protest tent thing has gone crazy.  There were so many people out protesting last night that even the gas station restaurant was empty (we though of pitching a tent to protest the lack of warm pittas).  It's good to see the locals out complaining about the cost of living.  This is an expensive place to live. There are tents everywhere - even at Yad Lebanim here in Raanana. I must say that the demonstrations last night looked like they were a lot of fun. If I could stand people touching me, I would have gone and chanted along with the masses.  What a great way to spend a summer.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


No one in the world has more bags than blackwifeo. As part of the "Great Cleanup of 2011" which seems to have began when the new bedroom suite moved in yesterday we have been going through the huge amount of crap that has collected in the walk-in cupboard. (I will say the new bed is very comfortable indeed). It has been very scary, bwo wants to move all my clothing to the other side, and therefore has dumped all her shelves onto the bed and is now trying to decide what needs to be chucked. You can't actually see the room's floor and the bed looks a bit like an archaeological Tel (complete with stratigraphical layers). I have sorted through my T shirts and shirts, I threw out about a third and found that at least half were things I had previously handed down to bso only to find they had homing tendencies and ended up back in my cupboard. But the bags, Oh the bags, there are so many bags. Handbags, carry bags, shopping bags, backpacks, fanny packs. All shapes and sizes. Bags inside bags, bags still bursting with stuff. It's all too much.

All in all a perfect way to spend a boiling hot Saturday. At least the A/C seems to be working.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Movers, Shakers and Breakers

We all know that Blackwifeo is a stanch Zionist. She loves this country. While she is miserable when friends and acquaintances leave, she' not one to pass up an opportunity.  Today she welcomed a new bedroom suite that till recently graced the home of Sarah (who is off to the US for an extended stay). The young, fit movers made short work of hauling the mattress and assorted bedside tables and walk-in cupboard fittings up the stairs. They made much shorter work than I did dragging the hugely heavy and ungainly monster of a bed down the stairs, out the house and onto Mel's friend's truck. I still hurt all over.

What is remarkable is that while I will pay for people to carry things we buy, I am still roped into shlepping furniture we donate to friends and family.

The professional movers are in the process of hoisting the bed up the narrow passageway to our bedroom.  I just heard a crash and some glass breaking - hmmmmm.  There goes the light fitting on the stairs. Bwo just apologized to the movers for placing a light fitting on the wall, right in their way, maybe we should rewire the house. She ordered the mover boys pizza.  One of them (long hair in pigtail and earrings) asked "Isn't this the house where blackdaughtero lives?". Hmmmmm. At least he has a job, I suppose. Just another Friday on Rehov HaNevel. 

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Opposite of Marmite

The other day Larry sent me an SMS "What's the opposite of Marmite".  After a few seconds of intense thought I sent back "An elephant". He responded with "Nutella chocolate spread". I am sure that an elephant is much more opposite than Nutella. I mean, have you ever tried spreading an elephant on a nice warm piece of toast?

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Apologies for a Short Interruption

Believe it or not it seems I have nothing to say.  This has been going on for a while.  It's hot, I'm busy with archaeology and work. Hopefully this will change soon, but till then thanks for the support. This blog has become so much less than 80%.